Let’s say no Photoshop.

I had some new photos done for London escorts recently. The photographer asked me if I wanted to be “photoshopped” and I said no. Not only is the practice misleading for my gents, but it is misleading for other ladies as well. As it stands, many of the top magazines such as Cosmo and others, use photoshopped images. It really gives us all the wrong impressions of the human body. No one can be as perfect as the girls in those images.

Of course , it is not only London escorts who like to look perfect. Many other girls like to look perfect as well. If you are not confident enough, I think that those images can have some terrible affects on you. A couple of the younger girls here at the London escorts service that I work for, are always striving to get the perfect. They are completely obsessed by images that they have seen in magazines and on web sites. Most of them don’t believe me when I tell that the images are not for real.

Should there be some kind of code of conduct? I really think that there should be some kind of code of conduct. Yes, it might be nice to look at some girl with a really hot body, but I don’t think that there is a real need to photoshop every single image. When I opened the new Avon catalog, I realized that most of the girls had been photoshopped. Like I said to my London escorts friends, it really put me off. Would you actually by skin care from a company which does not really show the models for what they are.

I am not sure that things are going to change, but it does make you realize what is going. Ever since I have worked for cheap London escorts, I have been aware that there are a lot of enhanced girls out there. But, that is not the entire story. I think that if we use photoshop to improve our looks, we may even disappoint many of the gents that we date at cheap London escorts. I would certainly be very disappointed if I turned up for a date with a male London escorts and he did not look anything like his image.

To some extent, I think that we expect a little bit of photoshop. I can understand photoshop being used to improve colors and stuff like that, but I don’t think that it should be used to change the way a person looks. We all have our imperfections and I know that the girls at cheap London escorts do as well. I don’t make a big deal out of mine. Asking the photographer to take an accurate photograph is so much better asking than asking him to photoshop your image. The photographer should have the professional experience to make the most of your looks anyway. If he is not confident enough to photograph you, perhaps you should consider using another photographer for your photos.

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