The Worst Pick Up Line That Worked

Sometimes when we finish for the night at London escorts, we all like to out together. What do we do? You are not going to believe this but we spend a lot of our time chatting up guys and men that we meet in the local bars. Do we tell them that we are London escorts? So far I have not told any guy that I have met that I work for a great escorts in London website service, and I don’t think that I ever will. It would take all of the fun out of the situation.

We give guys points for the best chat up line and sexiest smile and stuff like that. I know it is silly, but for us girls it is a great way of letting our hair down. Perhaps we are not the only group of London escorts to do this sort of thing, I have a feeling that many other London escorts like to indulge in doing the same thing as well. It is a bit of a sport, and I do like a bit of sport from time to time.

Anyway, two weeks ago I heard the worst pick up line ever, and when I went back and told the girls from London escorts, we really had the most enormous giggle. Despite everything, the guy who had said was cute and we ended up chatting. When it was time to leave, I actually going home with him, and had some of the best sex that I had enjoyed in a long time. My London escorts colleagues thought that I was a bit crazy, but I really could not resist him – he had the most amazing sex appeal.

Since then I have seen him a few times, but he seems a bit freaked out about me. I have not told him that I work for a London escorts service, and as I see him more or less as a fling, I don’t think that I will tell him neither. He strikes me as one of those guys who would run off and tell all of his mates that he is dating a girl from a London escorts service. I have been a victim of that before, so I don’t think that I will do that. It would just blow my cover the next time us girls go out on the pull.

He was certainly great in bed this guy, and I made the most of it, and showed him a good time. I am not sure if that is the reason why he has not asked me back to his place again, but he did say that he felt like he was in Fifty Shades of Grey. that really made me smile, and I thought that he may have twigged that I worked for the London escorts service in this part of London, but he has never said anything nor has he asked me a lot of questions about my work. I told him I worked in a private club, and he has seemed happy with that. But I think it is time that I moved on as I am going out with the girls this friday, and you never know who you will bump into when you are out on the town with the girls.

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