I am a single mom and raised my kids being a Walthamstow escort



One of the happiest moment in life is to be married and have kids. Kids are adorable and fun, with them you feel alive and ease you are tired. They become my happy pill, and they are the love of my life. Parenting is hard especially when you are a single mom. Many women have become heroes when they enable to raise a family. And at this time this is rampant now, and many women are now becoming independent. People have used to say how vital family in people’s lives but you cannot expect everyone to have a complete and whole one. Some men cannot stand on their responsibility, and it’s not a problem, other than making life more complicated it is better to live alone than being with a husband who is irresponsible and feeling teens. Not all people need a man to survive; we are created equally so I believe that what a man can do, a woman can. Do not be afraid when you feel like you cannot do it; you have to face your fears or else you get down in life. There is something in you that you are just afraid to show. You have a power inside you, and to be able to let it go, you have to think positively, and it will reflect on your action.


I once believed in love and to think that the father of my children love me. Love is the greatest feeling, and we all feel it. When we are in love we are selfless, and we give our all to the person, not knowing that eventually they will give up on us and leave us. People like that are coward especially when they know they have responsibilities to take and they vanished right away. He was once the love of my life; he is my childhood sweetheart and our neighbor. He is my first love and though he would never leave me. And that was my illusion because some people do not know how to be contented. He became my world, and he is the person I trust. I even ran away from home and did not finish my study even my family has hurt so much, I had sacrificed a lot just for him, but still, he chose to hurt and break me.


His disappearance is devastating, I carried an eight-month-old baby on my tummy, and then he left. I never knew what , but I heard he marries my best friend. Since that, I cut off everything to him, no contacts and start my life again. After giving birth, I go back to Walthamstow and asked forgiveness to my family. I searched for work and got hired as Walthamstow escort from https://charlotteaction.org/walthamstow-escorts. My career had helped me to overcome my problems and start again.

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