I will never leave my London escort behind


Of all the people I know there is only one person who owns my heart. She is the most amazing woman I have ever been. She makes my life more meaningful and realistic. She is there with me all the time, she helps me with my problems in life. She makes my life a lot easier to live. She is there always to hold my hand and makes my life a lot happier. It feels good being with someone you know that loves you especially if there love is genuine. For the first time I feel like somebody wanted me. I feel like there is always someone I can hold into. I am just happy having my London escort with my life even if there are many people who don’t love to see us together. What painful is that my parents are one of them. I don’t let them do anything to my London escort at the lovely Escort Agency. It’s okay for me to live a simpler life than being rich but my life is controlled by my family. For many years I let them manipulated because I am afraid of being alone. I am afraid of them getting disappointed. But maybe my brother is right, it’s sad that he was imprisoned of his own decision. But he told me one thing in life, it’s not to do the same with his. He regretted that he let his life controlled by my parents like he never had an own. Being married to someone he didn’t even love but he must to play what he started since they had a child already. I met this London escort in my life to help me see how miserable my life is. When we were together it feels like I am a bird, free and happy with my own wings and how far I go. But back to my life, it feels like my parents cage me and imprisoned me.to the life that they want. I am happy every time I have a meeting in London since I have time of booking a London escort. The more I am with her, the more my life becomes more happy. I cannot let this woman slip away in my life again just because of my parents. The first time they knee that I am dating a London escort they freaked out. My dad was very furious about me, and my mom tries to connect with London escort but good thing is that I had stopped her before she did it. I told them how much I love this London escort and there is no one or anything even a good life can stop me from loving her. They had thrown me away and stop supporting me. It’s okay for me as long as I had my freedom. I and London escort continue our relationship, it was great and full of love I feel so happy everytime I am with her. I promise always to protect and give her the best life as I could. I am striving in my own for success as long as I have a London escort with me

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